Jacob's adopted and loved very very deeply. Jacob was born premature at 26 weeks and spent the first 4 months in the hospital extremely sick. Jacob was brought home with us to spend sometime with us until his health could get better. Mommy and Daddy grew very close to Jacob and loved him so much and asked if they could adopt. We had a very long battle with courts and won. We were now officially Jacob's MOMMY and DADDY.

March 2010 we found out that Jacob had Cystic Fibrosis. It was a very HUGE surprise and did not know how to cope with it at first. It was a huge relief knowing why Jacob was very ill and always in the hospital but then again we were scared to death. We are all getting better with it and learning how to cope with CF. We will never deal with it and that's because we will never stop fighting till we have a cure. Jacob's a very strong little boy and made it through everything else that has been brought his way and will continue to fight.

Jacob will FIGHT
Jacob will WIN
Jacob will SURVIVE

Jacob has taught our family "If you have LOVE than you have EVERYTHING"

LOVE, HAPPINESS, and GOD makes everything all better.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The start of a new thing

Well this is my very first entry - so here we go.

Today we started our morning off by doing our normal routine and that's Jacob's breathing treatments and all his medicines. Some mornings are better than others. I'm hoping the day will come that he will understand that this will just be something that he will have to do everyday of his life and will just do it. He's so young right now and just does not understand.

After our morning of doing all medicines we were FINALLY able to motivate ourselves to get out of the house and take care of some errands. Jacob and Austin were so happy to get to the store to buy some surprises for their new develop friendships that they were starting to develop. The kids had helped me the day before by picking some kids to become penpals with. I don't think they understood though that they could not become penpals with EVERYONE though - lol

We first went to Wendy's to have lunch before we got to the store. Today our Wendy expiercienc
e seemed to be a very eventful one. Jacob was not feeling very well today and I could tell from his reactions that he was showing. I had to try and convince him that he needed to eat lunch since he had already taken his beads or it was going to put a hole in his stomach and make him real sick. I was finally able to get him to eat 3 chicken nuggets which is very amazing being that I can barely get him to eat 2. I then had to deal with the smart comments that people should just learn to keep their mouths closed. I over heard this lady telling her friend "That kid needs a good ole spanking and she should never force her child to eat food or he will end up as big as his mother". All you can do is sit back and bite your tongue.

After that we were finally able to make it over to Walmart and thank goodness we got there when we did. As soon as we walked in the door the thunder storm started and Walmart even lost power. All 4 kids thought being in Walmart with no power was the coolest thing over. Myself on the other hand did not think that was cool and was hoping it would come back on soon. The whole reason we went there was to use the photo booth to make some cards, but without power you can use the machine. So of course what's the next worse thing that happens in Walmart? Yes, you have to find something to do until the 1. Power comes back on and you can use the photo booth or 2. Ride out the storm in Walmart and spend money while looking around at stuff. Finally, the power came on and we did what we had to do.

Yes, we finally made it home and was able to relax the remaning of the night. We made pizza for dinner and did nothing for the rest of the night but drew pictures for our new friends.

My daughter even had a friend spend the night and now was to become penpals and write some letters and draw pictures.

So that's it - that's our day. As you can tell it's not too eventful but there are so many days that it's more eventful and just wish that I could rewind.

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