Jacob's adopted and loved very very deeply. Jacob was born premature at 26 weeks and spent the first 4 months in the hospital extremely sick. Jacob was brought home with us to spend sometime with us until his health could get better. Mommy and Daddy grew very close to Jacob and loved him so much and asked if they could adopt. We had a very long battle with courts and won. We were now officially Jacob's MOMMY and DADDY.

March 2010 we found out that Jacob had Cystic Fibrosis. It was a very HUGE surprise and did not know how to cope with it at first. It was a huge relief knowing why Jacob was very ill and always in the hospital but then again we were scared to death. We are all getting better with it and learning how to cope with CF. We will never deal with it and that's because we will never stop fighting till we have a cure. Jacob's a very strong little boy and made it through everything else that has been brought his way and will continue to fight.

Jacob will FIGHT
Jacob will WIN
Jacob will SURVIVE

Jacob has taught our family "If you have LOVE than you have EVERYTHING"

LOVE, HAPPINESS, and GOD makes everything all better.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing up way too fast......

Today I have learned that our children grow up way too fast. Within a blink of an eye our kids are learning how to walk, going on dates, and graduating from high school. We should never take life for guaranteed and live each and every single day as if it was our last. I don't think I have ever lived life to my fullness and I missed out on so much as a child. I can't turn time back and try to relive my whole life but I can sure help my children live their live to their fullness.

People that live with Cystic Fibrosis or any other major health illness really looks at life in a different way. They look life in a whole different view and I just wish that everyone else in this world had the same view of life the same way. This world would be such a happier and healthier place to live.

Today, I dropped off a bunch film to be developed that I found in my closet.....talking about a joyful and uplifting moment. I'm telling you if you don't realize how fast your little ones grow up loose some pictures for 4 years and go back and view them. So much as changed and I would NEVER change anything. So much has happened in 4 years - good and bad and I have learned so much from it. I have to say I have learned to be a better mother, wife, and friend in that time. Not only do our children learn so much as kids and growing up, but we as parents learn so much as well from them. My children have taught me so much in life - they are the best teachers that I have ever had or have. If you were to go back 4 years ago and ask me about my today's life if I ever taught that I would happen I would have to say NO - I'm wrong though. It's all happen and much more.

I'm thankful for so much and will start to live my life in a much better way. I will try to live life like my Jacob and all the other wonderful friends that I have developed in the past few months.

I'm thankful for my beautiful children being the best kids that I could ever ask for
I'm thankful for Jen and Tony trusting me
I'm thankful for my husband standing by my side and always trusting me
I'm thankful for my mother for always being there for my family
I'm thankful for my friends that have stood by me and continues to stand by me
I'm thankful for my new develop friendships that I have developed
I'm thankful for God
I'm thankful for LIFE


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging .. maybe the mommy's can penpal this way and Hailey and Zoey can do it the old fashion way!

    Jacob is one beautiful,courageous,inspiring boy.Sent to you all to bestow the amazing gift of perspective.A gift beyond measure.One I know I am eternally grateful for myself.

    Looking forward to tagging along on your little warriors amazing journey!

  2. I think that's a great idea. I'm really looking forward to us growing a realtionship and Hailey's beyond excited as well. We actaully was going to be placing a small package in the mail for Zoey tomorrow so hopefully she will get that soon and will put one big smile on her face.